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User Manual

User Manual
– How to mount N-Lock

With this user manual you can mount N-Lock by yourself. If you need any help with the installation of N-Lock, you are more than welcome to contact us by clicking here.

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How to install N-Lock – User manual

How to Install with Integrated Cable Solution

How to Install the N-Lock To Your Bike + Adapter

It is possible to mount N-Lock on all types of bicycles – and it takes less than 5 minutes. While installation is simple, we recommend having it done by a bicycle specialist to ensure your safety.
Some bicycles with quill-type headsets needs an adapter. Both 22.2mm and 25.4mm sizes are available.
Please note the number of your key set and keep it on a safe place.
Follow user manual by clicking on the videos.

In riding position, the key remains inserted (like on most vehicles) and the safety knob is set forward to ‘ride’.

First, turn the safety knob completely to the left (counterclockwise). Do this with your left hand. Only when the knob in completely at the left, the key can be turned a half turn counterclockwise to the ‘park’ position. Now, the key has to be removed. The handlebar is now N-Locked and the bicycle cannot be used.

Ride again:
Insert the key with the little point downwards and turn it in a half circle clockwise to the ‘ride’ position. Now rotate the handlebar to the direction of the wheel. It will snap in automatically when handlebar and front wheel are aligned. Now the safety knob will automatically go into the ‘ride’ position and face forward. Only when the knob faces ‘ride’, it is safe to ride the bicycle. To ensure that the handlebar is locked, push the knob slightly to the right.

Do not use a high pressure cleaner. A wet towel is sufficient for cleaning your N-Lock.
Once a year, it is recommended to have all moving parts of the bicycle greased or oiled, including N-Lock.

1. The key cannot be turned or removed for parking: The safety knob is not turned left properly.
2. The key cannot be removed for riding: The key must remain inserted for riding. It is an additional safety feature to see the key.
3. The safety knob does not go into ride position after turning the key into ride position: Turn the knob to the left and move the handlebar at the same time. Then release the knob.