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The Truth About Bicycle-Friendly Copenhagen

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Being a cyclist in Copenhagen has its advantages. Last week we focused on what makes Copenhagen a great cycling capital.
This week our focus is on the real truth about the bicycle-friendly capital, Copenhagen. As mentioned in our post last week, it is a luxury being a cyclist in Copenhagen due to the amazing infrastructure. However, the parking situation is a nightmare.

The Disadvantage of Being a Cyclist in Copenhagen

We can all agree on Copenhagen is ahead on the cycling infrastructure. However, due to the rising amount of cycling Copenhageners, the parking opportunities is highly limited. As issued in the post Parking: Expectations vs. Reality, the rising amount of cyclists on the streets pushes the bicycle parking opportunities, and in particular creates problems at the Copenhagen metro and S-train stations, where cyclists can no longer find space to set their bikes in the racks.

From our research in Copenhagen, cyclists are having troubles with parking even at schools and at work. Just take a look at our video from a regular parking space in Copenhagen.


Limited Parking Space Is Not the Only Problem

Not only is parking a nightmare, but transporting your bicycle in public transportation is a hurdle too. This is a problem known by the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. According to the federation, it must be made more easy and flexible to bring the bicycle into the train and metro.

They have high ambitions with making transportation in the train and metro much more manageable. Right now, cyclists struggle with bringing their bicycle into the train and finding a spot to park them in the train and metro. Also, it is quite expensive bringing the bicycle into the train and metro according to the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. It is troublesome to even order a ticket to make sure that you can bring your bicycle into the train or metro. In general, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation explains the current situation as inflexible (Cyklistforbundet, 2018).


The Future in Copenhagen

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation have some ideas on how the future should look like such as better signposting at the metro and train stations, bigger and more secured bicycle parking spots and reasonable prices when bringing the bicycle into the train and metro (Cyklistforbundet 2018).

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