Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Any transaction at n'lock.com, will only be possible if the user agrees to the terms and conditions, applicable for transactions at n'lock.com.

To make a purchase at n'lock.com, the user must be 18 years old.

n'lock.com can not be held responsible for any results, which might or could occur while using n'lock.com, such as problems with the internet connection, or connectivity, including the use of not-up-to-date computers or programs.

n'lock can not be held responsible for any problem, such as delays or virus, which could occur by using email or downloads.

n'lock.com can not be held responsible for any error, inaccuracy, that might or could occur while updating or uploading at n'lock.com

n'lock.com is subject to the applicable laws and product liability rules in Denmark and the EU.

Order confirmation and payment

When we have received your order and payment, you will receive an online message with your ordernumber and the total order amount. Payment can be made with Dankort, VISA, Master or Visa Electon. There is no charge for online payments at n'lock.com

The amount will first be charged at your creditcard, when the products is shipped from n'lock.com. It is not possible to deduct a greater amount than the one you have accepted, during the transaction.

Reservations are made for misprints, price and exchange rate changes.

If your order, are any products that are not in stock, will these be shipped as soon as possible.

All products that are in stock, will be sent right away. If there are any problems during the delivery of the purchase, you will be contacted.

If a question might occur, or you have a query regarding your purchase, or products at n'lock.com, you are more than welcome to contact us.

All prices incl. VAT and other taxes.

When you shop at n'lock.com, agreements on preselected languages is made.


Delivery is normally 1-2 business days for any delivery in Denmark.
For other countries, delivery will take 3 to 5 days. Once your order has been received, you will receive a message from n'lock.com, stating when you can expect to receive your order.
Products added to the amount of any applicable shipping costs as calculated according to local jurisdiction and tariffs for shipping rates in Denmark and abroad. n'lock.com has signed an agreement with Post Denmark. n'lock.com calculates shipping rates from the product and the weight of the package. The weight of the different shipments is adjusted to ensure you the cheapest and most accurate shipping costs.


You will receive your invoice via email. A delivery note comes with your package.


As soon as n'lock.com recieves the products in original and unopened packaging, we will refund the purchase price amout to your account. It might take several days, for the money to be available at your account.

Safety of purchase

It is completely safe to shop at n'lock.com

When you order and pay your products at n'lock.com all payment-transactions goes through Nets, and no data about your creditcard can be seen by n'lock.com

We use ePay as our gateway payment. ePay is PCI-certified after international standards for data protection.

Payments with creditcards occur in compliance with laws and rules for online payment in Denmark.

Return policy

If you are not satisfied with purchased at Turn1, you can return your goods.

To return an item, report Turn1 within 14 days of purchase that you want to return your goods. You will then you have 14 days to return your goods.

When returning, you must include a copy of the original invoice or delivery note, and send us an email informing us, that the goods are coming.

We will, at Turn1, inspect your return goods, and if the product is in a condiction, where it is possible for us to sell the product to a new customer at a full price, you will receive the amount you paid within 10 days. If the product is in a condition, where it is not possible to sell it at full price, we estimate the product's value, and we will contact you, for at agreement about the return amount.

The amount for the returned product, will be returned to the credit card that was used during the purchase.


Complaints regarding a product bought within 24 months of the purchase date, we ask that you send us the product for inspection, and that you pay for the return shipping costs.

If we note a design error in the product, you will receive a substitute product, matching the damaged one, or better, newer, and your shipping costs will be refunded.

If we, in contrast, note an wear, or violence performed on the product, we will return the damaged product to you and will not refund your shipping costs.

When you are returning a product, what the problems is, using as many details as possible.

We will not accept packages sent as cash on delivery or similar. Products must always be returned in the original packaging, including customer information, receipt from the sender and shipping cost.

Text and pictures on n’lock.com, may not be copied by dealers or individuals, without a prior agreement with n’lock Denmark.