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Parking: Expectations vs. Reality

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Updates

It is not that easy to park your bicycle in crowded parking spots, we know that. Your expectations are probably far away from reality. You might think that parking your bicycle is the least problem you have. However, you probably know that it is not the case.


Expectations Are Far from Reality

It is not your fault, that your expectations are high when you need to park your bicycle. Especially, if you are in a city with a high bicycle infrastructure.

We have had our fair share problems ourselves with parking, locking, storing and transporting our bicycles.



Space Saving Is Everything!

“I actually get a lot more space with N-Lock on my bicycle” – Jesper, a satisfied customer.


What Can Be Done?

According to the Danish media TV2, there are constantly more and more cyclists in Copenhagen. It pushes the bicycle parking opportunities, and in particular creates problems at the Copenhagen metro and S-train stations, where cyclists can no longer find space to set their bikes in the racks. The cyclists in Copenhagen are tired of falling over badly placed bicycles due to the pressure on the parking opportunities.
One of the solutions is to make a fully automated parking underground – just like they did in Japan. Read more about this article by clicking here.

We believe that this could take some time. So in the meantime, before Copenhagen turns into a fully automated parking oasis, you should mount the N-Lock on your bicycle.


Become One of the Wise Ones

Stop the complaining, the concern and the frustration when parking your bicycle with the N-Lock mounted on your bicycle. This is not just our statement but also our customers’.

Jesper, one of our very satisfied customers, is very pleased with his N-Lock. One of the perks of owning a N-Lock is that you get 40% more space when parking. This means that you become one of the wise ones on the parking lot.


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