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Get Rid of Scrathes and Dents Once and For All

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Updates

One of worst things about transporting your bicycle is the chance of the bicycle scrathing and denting your car or caravan. Here’s how you can get rid of scratches and dents once and for all.


No Time to Waste

You probably know how it feels when your hear the sound of your bicycle scratching and denting your car or caravan when you are transporting it. You know you have to visit your local car mechanic. Especially when you are on an active vacation, this is a party killer. There is really no time to waste if you want to prevent future scratches and dents on your car or caravan.
What would you say if we told you that you could prevent this in 5 minutes? Maybe we have caught your attention because getting rid of scratches and dents once and for all is actually that easy and simple. By turning the handlebar 90 degrees both left and right, you will have the opportunity to prevent future scratches and dents. This is really a great space saving method as well.


Make Transportation a Breeze

Talking of space saving, while preventing future scratches and dents, you might also want to know that you can also make transportation a breeze. With 40% more space, there is no problem when transporting several bicycles on the back of the car or caravan. With a simple turn of the handlebar, transporation of the family’s bicycles are no longer a hurdle.


But, How?

N-Lock is the solution to all your problems when transporting your bicycle. An installation of the N-Lock takes only 5 minutes and all your prayers have been heard.
Click here to order your N-Lock now.


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