40% reduction in space


Are you sick and tired of lacking space when you need to store your bicycle? A lot of people bring their bicycles up in their apartments or store them in garages where space is limited.

With the N-Lock mounted on your bicycle you save space. When the lock is activated you can rotate the handlebar 90 degrees without the front wheel moving which gives you a 40 percent reduction in space – making storing your bicycle in tight spaces a breeze.

N-Lock is a great solution to optimize your options when storing your bicycle. What was not possible before is possible now – you can store several bicycles in your entrance and you can even store your children’s bicycles close to your car. No need to worry about limited space with N-Lock mounted on your bicycles.

Easy Transportation

A lot of us bring our bicycles on our vacation to experience our destination differently than by car. However, mounting bicycles on the back of the car, caravan or mobile home can be quite frustrating. When arriving to your destination you will probably expect dents and scratches on both the vehicle and the bicycle.

With the N-Lock mounted on your bicycles you have the ability to easily mount bicycles on the back of your vehicle. Simply, turn the handlebar and you are ready to mount several bicycles on the back of your vehicle

Theft Protection

Have peace of mind when reaching your destination with the N-Lock. It is convenient and secure and helps you in a variety of ways. When locked, N-Lock makes it impossible for anyone to ride your bicycle. As the marketplace GadgetFlow explains: “This feature alone will thwart even the savviest of thieves”. Add additional safety with the heavy wired cable. When you use N-Lock with the cable, you can attach your bicycle to any secure spot such as a post, a tree or maybe your friend’s bicycle.

One of the amazing features of N-Lock is that it is in a perfect height. No need to bend down and fumble with the keys when you need to lock your bicycle.

Both the cable and the N-Lock is made from the best materials available and is very hard to cut and through and destroy. Even if a thieve get hold of your bicycle, the N-Lock is impossible to drive when locked. No need to worry, N-Lock makes sure that your bicycle is safe and sound when you park it.