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Bicycle Blog

A Bicycle Blog

What is new in the bicycle world? This bicycle blog will feed you with news, tips, tricks and guides. Stay tuned to get the latest news and get updated several times a week. 

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Parking: Expectations vs. Reality

It is not that easy to park your bicycle in crowded parking spots, we know that. Your expectations are probably far away from reality. You might think that parking your bicycle is the least problem you have. However, you probably know that it is not the case....

Get Rid of Scrathes and Dents Once and For All

One of worst things about transporting your bicycle is the chance of the bicycle scrathing and denting your car or caravan. Here's how you can get rid of scratches and dents once and for all. No Time to Waste You probably know how it feels when your hear the sound of...

What Will Bicycles Look like in 100 Years?

What will bicycles look like in 100 years? That is a tough question. All we can do is wonder how the bicycle, as we know it today, will change in the future. According to Cycling Weekly, over 200 years ago the first bicycle was produced. The first bicycle that was...

5 Ways to an Easier Commute

When working 9-5 means that you have to go through rush hour while finding a spot to park your bicycle – you are probably late for work again. Here are 5 ways to an easier commute. Rush hour means terrible traffic and overcrowded parking options. The first 100 people...