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So, How Was the Far East?

Last week we attended the Taipei Cycle Show 2018. We want to thank all the visistors for showing your interest in the N-Lock and for stopping by our stand. We are very excited to hear about the number of visitors attending this year. Last year 44,718 visitors...

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Parking: Expectations vs. Reality

It is not that easy to park your bicycle in crowded parking spots, we know that. Your expectations are probably far away from reality. You might think that parking your bicycle is the least problem you have. However, you probably know that it is not the case.  ...

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5 Ways to an Easier Commute

When working 9-5 means that you have to go through rush hour while finding a spot to park your bicycle – you are probably late for work again. Here are 5 ways to an easier commute. Rush hour means terrible traffic and overcrowded parking options. The first 100 people...

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