The idea behind the n'lock was born in 2013, when the inventor (an experienced bicycle-dealer, with a lot of issues with theft and transport) got his own bicycle stolen (with a prototype of the n'lock mountet) and found it just a few meters away.

With this experience in mind, his mind was set on developing the n'lock into something for every cyclist in the world. It wasn't the first time the bike was stolen, but maybe the last.

Having pitched the idea to a couple of friends, and checking the market for other solutions, they discovered that there wasn't any bicycle lock like the n'lock on the market. The guys joined forces and created the company Turn1 ApS, which is the holder of the patent for det bicycle lock.

We are tired of hearing about people complaint about having their bikes stolen, and has come up with the amazing n'lock. We - the people - need this product to protect our bike, and makes transportation on caravans easy, and storage in smaller apartment simple. The n'lock is a product in high quality, and easy to install for the everyman.

The project was kicked off in 2014 and we’ve spent over 8 000 hours to get the product ready for you. It takes around 10 000  hours to really understand what you’re doing, so we are getting close, but always trying to rethink how the n'lock can be imporved.

Most importantly, we’re proud to know that n'lock will eventually help many thousands of cyclists all over the world.