Who owns the right to n'lock?

Bicycle lock and patent n'lock are owned by Turn1 ApS.

How is the n'lock build?

Bicycle lock, n’lock, has only used the best materials available on the market. The design makes the latch fall as a natural part of the cycle. All locks are tested and approved before they are sent out to customers. The lock is located in a natural height that makes it easy to use, as both the model with and without cable sitting at controlled

How many models are there of n'lock?

Bicycle lock and patent n’lock owned by Turn1 ApS.

n’lock 300 series is for those who want a simple, everyday lock that can be operated in seconds.

n’lock 400 series functions the same as the n’lock 300 series, but with added security. A heavy wire can be put through the front wheel of the bike, bicycle stand, tree, post or other solid object. The wire is then inserted into the bottom of the n’lock, and when the knob is turned, the wire is locked with the n’lock.

When the lock is activated, the handlebar can be rotated 180 degress without the front wheel following. This makes the bike impossible to drive. The n’lock 300 series is best for those who need to store their bike in small spaces because turning the handlebar reduces the space it consumes by up to 40%.

How does the n'lock work?

On most types of bicycles n’lock can be mounted in less than 5 minutes. While installation is simple, we recommend having it done by a bicycle specialist, to ensure your safety.
Some bicycles with quill-type headsets need an adaptor.
Both 22.2mm and 25.4mm sizes are available.
Please note the number of your key set and keep it on a safe place.

In riding position, the key remains inserted (like on most vehicles) and the safety knob is set forward to ‘ride’.

First, turn the safety knob completely to the left (counterclockwise). Do this with your left hand. Only when the knob in completely at the left can, the key can be turned a half turn counterclockwise to the ‘park’ position. Now the key has to be removed. The handlebar is now n’locked and the bicycle can not be used.

Ride again:
Insert the key with the little point downwards and turn it in a halfcircle clockwise to the ‘ride’ position. Now rotate the handlebar to the direction of the wheel. It will snap in automatically when handlebar and frontwheel are aligned. Now the safety knob will automatically go into the ‘ride’ position and face forward. Only when the know faces ‘ride’, it is safe to ride the bicycle. To ensure that the handlebar is locked, push the knob slightly to the right.

How do I contact n'lock customer service?

Turn1 ApS
Lilleøvej 19
4220 Korsør
+45 41403030
VAT: 36418451
Email: info@n-lock.com