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When working 9-5 means that you have to go through rush hour while finding a spot to park your bicycle – you are probably late for work again. Here are 5 ways to an easier commute.

Rush hour means terrible traffic and overcrowded parking options. The first 100 people have already arrived and that means you have to squeeze your bicycle among all the others. Good luck – because that is not easy!
You might get angry and throw your bicycle in the hopes of it will perfectly fit in. However, you might not be this lucky. In reality, your bicycle will fall into all the others and the next thing that happens is that you are the unpopular one in the office.

Here are 5 ways to an easier commute and to avoid being late!

  1. Do not stress in the morning. Get up early.
  2. Get to work 5 minutes before everyone else. This is not a waste of time!
  3. Find out if there are other places to park your bicycle.
  4. Find a route with less rush hour.
  5. Get N-Lock mounted on your bicycle.

Now, with N-Lock mounted on your bicycle, you will not have to worry about whether your bicycle will fit in an overcrowded parking area. N-Lock allows the handlebar to be turned which reduces the space by up to 40%!

With these 5 tips in mind, your commute will be much easier! Try to rethink your mornings routines everyday to make sure they are as effective as possible. You should consider the less stress in the morning – an easier commute.


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