A Space Saving Stem Lock


N-Lock is perfect for saving space because the bicycle becomes more narrow and saves you 40% space. This makes storing bicycles in tight spaces a breeze. Commuters save space when parking in crowded parking areas and when bringing the bicycle in the train.

Easy transportation

With the easy turning of the handlebar, the N-Lock enables easy mounting of the bicycle onto the car, caravan or mobile home. No more dents and scratches on the back of the car when transporting bicycles. No more worrying about if you can transport several bicycles at one time.

Theft protection

Have peace of mind when parking your bicycle. When the lock is activated, the handlebar can be rotated 90 degrees without the front wheel following. This makes the bicycle impossible to drive.

What is N-Lock

N-Lock is a multipurpose bicycle lock for locking, parking, transportation and storage purposes – perfect for camping, bicycle, mountain bike and gadget entusiasts.

N-Lock replaces your bike-stem. The main purpose of a stem is to hold the handlebar firmly to the front fork of the bicycle so that it follows along when turning the handlebars. But with N-Lock your stem can turn up to 90 degrees and save about 40% place.
Does the stem not fit your bicycle – then we have the smart quill with 2 sizes which you can use to fit the stem with your bicycle.

– Have your ever had your bicycle bumping into and scratching your caravan or car during transportation?

– Maybe you are having trouble with parking your bicycle in crowded places?

– Perhaps you want to store your bicycle in your apartment?

Save up to 40% space with N-Lock at

your garage, caravan, car, train or bicycle parking