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by Cycloid

Ride it, Park it, Store it

Need to store your bicycle in a small space?

Worried about theft?

Smart Bike Lock and Space Saver in one


“This feature alone will thwart even the savviest of thieves”


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Safe from theft

N-lock is a multipurpose stem lock that lets you disengage the front wheel from the handlebars rendering your bike unsteerable and safe from thieves.

Space saving

At the same time, it reduces the width of your bike and saves valuable space in your flat or garage.

Easy transport

Folding your bicycle flat can also prove a great advantage when transporting your bike on the back of a car or in public transport.

From 105,00 EUR

“I have to say that the N-Lock stem is rather ingenious and will be on my family/commuter bike for the foreseeable future. I feel safe leaving bike outside shops and certainly happy with the N-Lock bike lock”.


Read the entire review

Have you ever reflected on how the steering wheel lock on a car could be put to use on a bicycle?

Well, we have.

With an N-lock you can do just the opposite and this works even better than the steering wheel lock on your car.

With N-Lock, you can disengage the front wheel from the handlebars rendering the bike unsteerable. With the turn of a key, the bike becomes impossible to ride – turn the handlebars and the front wheel does nothing.

Actually, it does whatever it wants without heeding the handlebars at all.

From 105,00 EUR

Safe from theft

Combined with our integrated cable lock an N-Lock provides an extra source of security rendering a bike useless as well as locked.

Reengaging the handlebars is as simple as turning a key and then turning them back in the position for riding so that they reengage with a click – off you go!


Space Saving

N-Lock has a unique approach to making your bicycle more convenient and manageable.

N-lock can be disengaged from the front wheel allowing you to rotate the handlebar 90 degrees essentially folding the bike flat.

Be it in the garage or in your flat N-lock allows you to save a bunch of space when you stow your bike away.

From 105,00 EUR

How does it work?

Turn the knob, turn the key, turn the handlebars, and your bicycle is locked.

All you need to do is replace the current stem on your bicycle with an N-lock.

Choose the right size N-lock

Making sure you get the right size N-lock for your handlebar is easy.

Watch the video below or download our printable size guide, which lets you measure the size of your handlebar.

How to measure

Download printable A4 size guide

(remember to print to Actual size)

From 105,00 EUR