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Lock – Park – Transport

Meet N-Lock

N-Lock is a multipurpose bicycle lock that does not only protect bicycles against theft but also improves the way of storing and transporting your bicycle.

When a bicycle needs storage, N-Lock allows the handlebar to be turned, reducing the space by up to 40%. This makes transportation and storage in tight spaces much easier.

N-Lock’s innovative design also offers a real deterrence for potential thieves – and real peace of mind for bicycle owners. Anyone seeking to steal a bicycle with N-Lock will be faced with challenges: They need to cut the wire and then either carry the bicycle or remove the N-Lock and install a new handlebar.

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Featured products

N-Lock 400 series is for those who want added security. When the lock is activated, the handlebar can be rotated with a 180 incline without the front wheel following. This makes the bicycle impossible to drive. A heavy wire can be put through the front wheel of the bicycle, bicycle stand, tree, post or other solid object. The wire is then inserted into the bottom of the N-Lock, and when the knob is turned, the wire is locked with the N-Lock.

N-Lock sets


Enjoy simplicity with sets of N-Lock 401 and 402 with accessories.
Take a look at a few of them below.

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