Bicycle lock security system

a truly revolutionary invention

N’lock is a stem that protects the bicycle from theft and makes storage and transportation much easier


Installation of n’lock

On most types of bicycles n’lock can be mounted within less than 5 minutes. Your safety justifies to have it done by an expert, even though it is a very simple job.
Some bicycles with quill type headsets need an adapter. Both common sizes 22.2mm and 25.4mm are available.
Please note the number of you key set and keep it on a safe place.


Nlock was invented by the Swiss, Franklin Niedrig.

The idea about the lock having more than one function, was developed along the way, when the current state of bike-locks or its function haven’t changed for over 100 years.

The solution to solve this issue became n’lock, a innovative lock which will make the everyday a lot easier, all over the world.

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